Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sean Cody Male: Hank

Hank is a college student who recently moved out of the dorms. He said he didn't get along with his roommate, and that might be because the roommate caught him jerking off on more than one occasion!
He says he will miss the dorms because they were right next to the campus athletic facilities, where he spent a lot of his time outside of class. He said he works out six times a week and he likes to lift heavy in order to build muscle. It's working! See more at Sean Cody

His experience with us was a new one. He's never done anything like this, but I got the feeling that having someone watch him show off his perfect body is something that he's been wanting to try for a while.... And his body certainly is perfect. He has a furry butt, washboard abs, huge bulging biceps, and amazing pecs.

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