Friday, July 1, 2011

Asian Male Athlete: Tadayoshi Wada Shirtless

Tadayoshi Wada, who holds a record of winning top-place at the World Long Drive Championship in Japan, paid a visit to the ParGolf editing division. He was our first hitter at the newly established test hitting studio right inside the office.  Of course, it wasn’t merely hitting. Upon our question of “How should we hit so that the ball will fly straight and far?” Wada gave us a easily understandable lesson on the points and practice methods for propelling the ball.  
Furthermore, he showed us his well-toned upper torso and demonstrated an awe-inspiring swing at 70 meter/second head speed, and the initial velocity was immeasurable since it exceeded 100 meters/second
Long Drive Champion Tadayoshi Wada's well-toned upper torso.

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