Thursday, June 23, 2011

The real Alexis Fabregas

Hmmm.. what can i say.. fair complexion, nice hair style, sexy torso, and they say he's straight and HOMOPHOBIC... almost forgot... not so good-looking. Then i guess he shouldn't even be visiting this website. Photos are public domain though.

I heard he visited one of the gay blogs with these photos in it & he was so upset & started to write homophobic remarks on that site. I just hate it when things like that happen, especially from Homophobes. In the first place he shouldn't be posing like this and have his picture taken knowing that it may get leaked on the world wide web. I guess he doesn't know that much about technology...

and If I may just say... that's a kids toy for goodness sake!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you my thoughts on that issue if it really were true.. I read the thread and I'm not sure if the guy named "alexis fabregas" is the real one or just a poser.. he converses like a "jejemon". 

Nice try.. but i think this is just a CHEAP shot to fame.. If you want to be famous, you should have Determination, Attitude and CHARACTER.

You can change your attitude but you can't change your character just like that.



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