Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Chinz Wendell Ching!

I just fell in love with this guy.. didnt know at first that he was a filipino until I came across a site with some of his sexy photos, and that's where everything started.. was even surprised that we're from the same alma mater! nice! haha! just saying! 

can't stop searching for his photos online.. so here's the 2nd set... hope to meet him soon...

Photoshoots and Photographers he Worked With in the Philippines
-Project Headshot Clinic
-Project 3
-Darz Pobre
-Zham Libunao
-Stan Ong
-Randy Capinpin
-JC Cerilla
-Mark See
-Lem Estiva
-Kirk Barbosa
-Enwyn Manuel
-Ogee Perez
-Deo David
-Shiir Manz Photography
-Malones Photography
Photo Credits and Photo Source:
-TM Malones Photography
-Darz Pobre:
Other Credits to his latest photos
-Styling and Art Direction: Dennis Celestial
-Make Up: Bambi de la Cruz
-Digital Imaging: Darz Pobre
-All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

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